Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Salsa Dancing, Pristina style

Just a quick entry tonight... the cafe is about to close. I've joined a Salsa dance class at the UN. I danced with a Spaniard, a Lithuanian, a German, a Swede, a Canadian, a Switzerlander (??) and an Italian. There are so many internationals here, it's amazing. (There were also several Albanian girls, but I didn't dance with them.) The instructor was from Madrid ( a little moment of silence here for my beloved city) so I got to speak a little Spanish too. The whole class went for ice cream and chatter afterwards. Incredibly fun!! They're having a party Friday night, so I guess I'll be dancing the night away. Can't wait. Ok, I'm getting the evil eye here - Are you ever going to lleeeeeaaaaavvveee? so I guess I'd better go.

I'm off to Gjakova tomorrow with the Army to deliver some magazines to an elementary school. I'll try to post again when I get home. Hopefully my phone will be hooked up by then and I'll have internet access in the house. We'll see, things don't happen on a normal timeline here, but they seem to function ok regardless.

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