Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm a-leavin' on a jet plane...

Ok, panic sets in. As of 8:30 am, I am officially starting to freak out!! Not in a bad way at all. It's not like "Oh, GOD, what have I done, there's no way I'm getting on that plane" freaking out. It's more like "I KNOW I have forgotten to do something incredibly important and this time tomorrow I will be in another freakin' country" kind of panic. It's not like I can turn around and come home to fix whatever it is I messed up. Anyway, that's not so bad. I can live with it. It will pass as soon as I am in the airport. Wow. Today is the day.

One thing I am going to miss, and don't go thinking I'm getting all old and cheesy and sappy on y'all (you should already be well aware of that), is having family around. It has been so good this summer to spend time at home. Yep, 32 and living at home for the summer and loving it. It was fantastic. I hung out with aunts, uncles, cousins, my multitude of siblings, grandparents, parents - surrounded by it all the time. I guess I was kind of wallowing in it, soaking it up. It's been 8 years since I've spent this much time at home. *sigh* I am going to miss it. I've also reconnected with some old friends and it truly does make you realize that there are some people you've shared so much with that, related or not, will always be family. And as crazy as my friends and family may be, well - at least we're all crazy together. I love you all, and will miss you terribly. Write me often dammit! I hate opening an empty email box. :(

So by Friday afternoon I will be in my new home city, settling into my hotel for a couple of days, and preparing to apartment hunt to my little heart's content. Nest away, little mama! I'll take lots of pics and post a new album asap. Well, that's me. I'm going to go wake Diedra up so we can go do girl stuff today (manicures & pedicures are in order!) since she's skipping school to see me off (oops, did I say that out loud??). Ok byyyeee!

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