Sunday, September 05, 2004

Only in Texas

I went to see a good ol' honkytonk band play last night. The beer was cold, the music was hot, and the smoke was plentiful. All in all not a bad night. I managed to finagle a free t-shirt from the band for a promise of a photo wearing the shirt in Kosovo to put up on their website. Consider it done, fellas. I also promised a shameless plug for their website somewhere on mine, so here it is... Check them out, they're a damn good folky country rock band that's a hell of a lot of fun to see.

Now with that said, I'll move on to the high point of the evening and the entire reason I had to write this post. The opening band, Jackson something or other (couldn't remember the name of the band for reasons soon to be disclosed), closed their set with a rousing tune titled "I like titties and beer" followed by the second verse, "I like great big titties and beer". And then there's one for the ladies "She likes big peckers and beer." Only in Texas. And only from a country rock band. I just can't hear that coming from any other genre. And just so we all get the true spirit of honky tonk, the last song of the night was "Up against the wall redneck mother." Use your imaginations here... put 100 drunk cowfolk in a bar, tell them they're going to have a sing along... and now imagine them all going along with it. As I said before, only in Texas. I do love this state.

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