Wednesday, September 01, 2004

8 days and counting....

Ok, so I have 8 days until I leave for Kosovo. Kosovo. Every time I say that it sounds more and more strange. Seriously. Very very strange.

I shipped all my materials today, got my final immunization, bought a a new pair of make-my-butt-look-good jeans (it was my stress reliever, at least that's how i'm justfying it) and a new and improved super-giant suitcase. If my entire life doesn't fit in that and my backpack, well.. then too bad, cuz that's all I'm a-takin'. Mind you, the most important things that I am packing are baking goods - spices, cookie cutters (gotta make Christmas cookies!), Pampered Chef measuring cup/spoons, and a cookbook or two. These will make me happy in the first days of settling in a new world. If the outside world is going wrong, there's nothing some homemade chocolate chip cookies won't fix. Sometimes its just the little things that make all the difference. Maybe I should squeeze in a throw pillow too for good measure... (see.. nesting again, and I'm not even there yet. HELP ME!)

Well, I'm going to try to go to bed, however tough that is right now. I tend to lie here and flip flop around a lot going through to-do lists and to-call lists and to-see lists and so on and so on. No rest for the freakishly neurotic.

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