Monday, October 25, 2010

In bed, reflecting

I have decided (and we will see how long this actually lasts) that I need to start writing for me again. Since I started school again this fall, I am writing writing writing all for someone else, without keeping track of what this whole process feels like. This is a major change in my life right now, and while I love the way it is making my brain work, and the things I am learning only confirm suspicions that I have had all along about the way things work, there are days when I question what the hell I am doing. The impracticality of what I have undertaken sometimes overwhelms me to the point that I can't breathe from the weight of it. And then the wave washes away, and the panic is gone, and I'm ok with the world again.

Today was not one of those panic days. Today was one of the I love what I am doing days. So where's Michi today? In bed, reflecting on how right this all feels.