Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sidenote about the freakiness of Prishtina

Ok, so technically we're in a Muslim area, so there should be no Christmas stuff at all - right? ALLLL RIGHTY then, explain to me why there are Santa Clauses on every corner, street vendors with decorated trees, lights, tinsel, stockings, you name it - it's all here. As a matter of fact, across the street from my house is a giant styrofoam castle built by one of the banks with Santa and his helpers, Mickey and Goofy... three days after Christmas and its STILL there...

As with Halloween, Kosovars celebrate this American holiday as well. And as with Halloween, they just haven't quite got it all down yet. I'm grateful for it, don't get me wrong! If they didn't celebrate every possible holiday, I'd be really homesick right now. But it's just sort of funny to see a foreign twist on something so incredibly familiar. Anyway, I've taken some pics and I'll get them posted tomorrow.

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