Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Recovering from Christmas overdoses...

I have officially O.D.'d on food, wine and sweets... need sleep... This past week has been an absolute madhouse and terribly emotionally draining. Wednesday was the party, which took every ounce of energy I had to pull off, and then the "other" Christmas parties began. Thursday night had drinks with Oli (English guy that plays Ultimate with us) to send him away to England with a hangover... Sven joined us and things just got ugly. I'm not entirely sure, but I think we closed the Buddah Bar. Just on a side note, something terribly shocking happened - the Jager Girls showed up there. YEP! There are Jager Girls even in Kosovo. I was so wishing Annee was with me for that moment. She would have gotten as big of a kick out of it as I did (think my 30th birthday...I still have a Polaroid). Anyway, I made the mistake of eating some big heavy breakfast at 3 am, only to revisit it at 7 am. Eewww....

Friday night I had a small dinner party for my Political Science students at a really yummy restaurant, then a-dancing we went to Zanzibar. Once again, the band paid hommage to their friend from Texas, called me out to the crowd and sang Sweet Home Alabama for me. More rum... nearing liver failure at this point.

Saturday morning, Sven picked Travis and I up for a "brunch" at big Pat's house. I call him big Pat because the man is a giant - 6'6" and solid as a rock, however, sweet as pie. (He's another one I play Ultimate with, and you never want to see that frame come barrelling toward you at a full run. Drop the frisbee and duck for cover!) I made two pies that morning, on e pumpkin (thanks MOM!) and one apple for the occasion. Anyway, we got there at 11, thinking brunch by 1 at the latest... ok, well, we brought mimosas, which caused everyone to forget about food until at least 3, then we nibbled on some bread and cheese. Then Mark, the German, made some rum, sugar, wine, fruit concoction that made everyone forget about food for another 2 hours, then Pat stuck in a movie and we all proceeded to nap another 2 hours.... ANYWAY, "brunch" turned into a 9:30 DINNER! Much fun all the same, and by that point the food was GREAT.

Sunday was recovery day, which I took full advantage of by getting every muscle poked and prodded at the Thai massage place for an hour. *sigh* It was awesome.

SO the emotionally draining bit was missing family all the same, even though I kept myself busy busy busy... I got to spend two hours talking with them on-line on Christmas day though - thank goodness for modern technology!! Then night before last, the news of the earthquake in Indonesia hit me. Some of you already know I have a very close friend living there right now. It took two days to get any news, so I was a bit of a basket case for a while, but all is well - at least he's alive anyway. He says everyone there is walking around completely freaked out right now, and rightfully so. I've never seen anything so horrible in my life.

So that's what's going on with me these days. Sorry it's been so long. Thanks to all of you for your holiday warm wishes. I missed you all completely.

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