Monday, December 20, 2004

Busy little ELF

I have been working my little pointy ears off this past week. I had an idea for throwing a small Christmas party at the American Center for children. The idea was to bring kids from the three ethnicities in this city (Albanian, Serbian and Roma) together to learn about a 4th culture. It started as a small little party for 30 or so kids, and has blossomed into a mega-charity event, with corporate donations and media coverage. I can't believe it! So now we have 50 kids coming to make snow globes and Christmas tree ornaments, decorate the Christmas tree, sing Chrismas songs and visit with a multi-ethnic Santa Claus. I can't wait!! My students have volunteered to help wrangle all the kiddies, a local restaurant has donated all the food, another corporation has donated all the beverages and stuff, the U.S. Army donated all the gifts, the U.S. Office in Prishtina donated all the art supplies.. All of this, we've managed to pull off in two weeks! AMAZING. My hugest thanks to everyone who helped. I can't wait to post all the pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I've posted a new album from the Ultimate Frisbee Christmas party. Talk about insanity! It was one of the best parties I've been to since I've been here (Halloween withstanding).

Other than that, I realized this weekend, I've only got three weeks of class left before finals. WOW!!!! SO much work to do. Anyway, I have to run now... another meeting. I'll write Wednesday after the party. :D

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