Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Work work work

I have been back a week, and I have done basically nothing but work. I am quickly learning that the beginning of the semester is the hardest part. There's a ton of organizational work, testing and planning, planning, planning. Plus, this semester, I am experimenting on my students again. One of the things I want to do while I am here is improve the computer literacy skills of my students. SO, I set up a Yahoo! Group for all of my classes. Everyone is required to join, I've put all of their homework assignments on the site, and added links to helpful language learning tools. I hope they decided to use it. Maybe I'll set up some special workshops if students are interested. MORE work!!! yeah! There's a never ending supply of stuff to do here... at least I don't get bored.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here today - sunny, warm enough to walk around with just a light jacket, and everyone is in a good mood. It makes me feel a little better about being back. I still can't help wishing I was still on an island somewhere. Oh well - spring is coming, spring is coming - that's my mantra today.

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