Thursday, February 17, 2005

Home again, home again - boooooooo!

Well, 56 hours and just about as many nervous breakdowns later, I arrived in Kosovo. I left 85 degree weather and sun to come to freezing temps and snow and ice. Someone please tell me what is wrong with me???? I have never not wanted to be somewhere so badly in my entire life. BUT, I have a job to do. I jumped right in and started teaching at 10 am the day after I got home. It was really nice to see my students again. I've got a thousand and one ideas for classes and I'm pretty jazzed about this semester, but GOD I wish I was somewhere warm!!!

Anyway.... does anyone have a copy of the movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" that they would like to ship me immediately? I want to use it for one of my classes but can't find it here. I can send you an address in the States that will get to me in about 10 days..... let me know.

P.S. I've posted all the pics from Indonesia. Go make yourselves jealous!

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