Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year, New Life

It's been nearly a year to the day since I have posted anything here, and it's incredibly difficult to figure out where to begin. So much has happened, so much has changed. Too much to try to cram into one little post, but I'm sure my story will come out a little at a time as I settle back into a routine.

This is a year for new beginnings for me. I have relocated back to the US - Austin, Texas to be precise. I have started three new jobs (yikes). And, AND, I have applied to a PhD program. All in the last three months. So much for taking it easy for a while.

I am taking sewing classes, and training for a 10K. I'm also determined to do yoga at least twice a week. One of the reasons that I love this town is that it's so granola. There's a great coffee house down the street from me that has free yoga classes if you purchase a drink. Nothing's better after a good class than a nice cup of hot tea, so it's a no brainer. Love it, love it, love it!

I am attempting, along with a few friends, to knit 10 pair of mittens in 2010 and blog about it. The challenging part will be the blogging about it. I have not been terribly successful in the past year in the blogging department, although most of that was not my fault, thanks to the Great Firewall of China. It's all about getting into the habit again, I think. Retraining the fingers, the brain, to spit all out into cyberspace for whomever. Speaking of...

Since I last wrote I have changed servers on this blog and many things may not have switched over. I am hoping (probably in futility) that I haven't lost all the subscribers to this. Otherwise, I'm writing for no one. but me. Which I guess, isn't so bad.

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Hedgehog said...

Austin, eh? I've heard good things! Can't wait to do the blog with you this year! Still on Skype once in a while?