Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold weather conspiracy

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but it seems like the Chinese government has a magic weather switch. Yesterday was the first official day of winter, and like clockwork, this morning I woke up to sub-freezing temperatures and icy winds whipping at my frailly paned bedroom windows. Yesterday, I hardly had to wear a jacket. Tonight, I'm sitting in my bathroom to write because there are heat lamps and it's the warmest place in my house. My other option was crawling up next to my oven, but that would mean sitting on the cold tile floor. Eek. The weather in this place is crazier than Texas.

This is not a new phenomenon. April 1, seemingly 10 degrees warmer than March 30th... July 1st, another jump... and with all too perfect timing, September 1st began the cool down from the summer swelter, then October 1st it dropped 10 degrees again and fall was here. It was shorts weather one day and sweater weather the next. Seriously, I think the whole change of seasons thing has been genetically engineered somehow. I heard stories that they put something in the clouds over Beijing for the Olympics to guarantee blue skies, why not a little temperature tampering too?

Or maybe we all live in a bubble and there really is a light switch somewhere. Then again, I would hate to think that global warming has been brought about by some jackass who watched too many late night infomercials in the mid-eighties or has a penchant for the Home Shopping Network... clap on (clap clap)... clap off (clap clap)... and I have lost my mind once again...

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