Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Holiday cooking in a foreign country is always an adventure. Finding the right ingredients, making do with what you can get your hands on, etc. Today I picked up my Thanksgiving turkey that I ordered from the butcher last month. (You have to give them enough time to fatten them up.) I was hoping and praying it wouldn't still be alive and walking around, because you never really know. He told me that he could keep it in the freezer for a couple of days for me. That was reassuring. At least I wouldn't have to kill it and clean it myself.

So anyway... I get there this morning and he opens the bag to show me the 15 lb. bird, flat on it's back, feet (yes, FEET) up in the air, with his little frozen turkey head looking at me. I about died! I guess this is what I get for growing up thinking that steaks come in packages and turkeys come with built in pop-up meat thermometers, but I sure wasn't expecting it to look at me. After the initial shock wore off, I kindly asked him to remove the head and feet before I took the bird home.

Once I got here, I had to make sure it would fit in my oven. It's a tight squeeze, but I think we can manage. I have not been able to find a roasting pan as of yet. That is my mission tomorrow morning. Otherwise, it's improvization time again. I'm getting very good at it.

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