Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Celebrations in the street

Today a major trial ended in the Hague, acquitting 2 of 3 war crimes suspects. The streets here have erupted in spontaneous celebration, with thousands of people marching down the main corridors, waving flags, honking horns and exploding firecrackers. Had things gone the other direction at the trial, with their national hero convicted rather than being set free, I can't imagine what might have happened.

This is a shot of the tail end of the march as it passed my apartment building about an hour ago. I can only imagine it grew as it wound through the city. I could still hear the shouts and singing half an hour after they were out of sight, so the crowd must have been huge. It's nearly 2 and a half hours since the verdict and still the sound of honking horns and firecrackers is creeping in my 11th floor windows. Such passion in these people. Let's hope it stays celebratory.

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