Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Waiting for all hell to break loose

And so it has happened. The Prime Minister of Kosovo has officially been indicted by the Hague for war crimes and has resigned so that he can turn himself over to authorities tomorrow (click on the title of this entry if you want to read the CNN article about it). The consular office has issued a warning to Americans to be well aware of the situation and the possiblility of impending violence. As a result and on an unofficial recommendatoin, I have cancelled my classes for the rest of the day. There's an eerie sense of calm over the city right now. Sunny skies and freezing cold temperatures add to the surrealness of it all. If predictions are right, there could be serious riots, reminiscent of those in March of last year. My few Albanian friends are nervous - they don't want to see a repeat of last years insanity, others are angry. For the next few hours, I will keep a close eye on the climate (not just the weather), pack an emergency bag, and will probably go stay with a friend tonight, just to make sure I'm not somewhere by myself if the shit hits the fan. I don't want to freak anyone out (especially my parents), but this is a reality of living here. Although tensions don't surface as much as they once did, a significant event like this could trigger anger that has been bubbling just under the surface. I truly hope that people will remember that the events of last March undid about 4 years of work in two days, will remember the destruction and aftermath, and will avoid anything similar, but you never know. So if anything exciting happens, I'll let you know. Hopefully I just stocked up on Spaghetti-O's and ramen noodles for no reason, but better to be prepared.

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