Monday, November 01, 2004

Singin' the blues with Janis

I'm sitting here listening to Janis Joplin (I do love her!) after salsa class and two glasses of wine, and wondering what hell tomorrow may bring. The election. I am a little nervous - it's such a close race this time, at least in the polls. We won't really know until tomorrow. I have planned all of my lessons tomorrow around coverage of the event, because it will be an event I am sure. The media won't let this circus go unnoticed. Too bad I'm not in LA for this one... I mean seriously, it sprinkles there and they launch Storm Watch 2004 - and if you think I'm kidding, ask an Angelino. I can't imagine what titile they'll come up with for the elections... Burning Bush 2004, Scary Kerry Vigil, Battle of the Brainless, Showdown at the White House.... who knows. All I know is that Jessica and I are heading to the *new* Mexican food restaurant in town and having a couple of stiff margies, and then gluing ourselves to the TV to await our fate. Another 4 years and we may all give up our passports. It's amazing to me, I don't honestly know one person (outside of a small faction of my family) that is voting for Bush, so who is this mysterious 49% he has in the polls? After much discussion, we've decided that only Democrats pack up and move overseas. Whether that's out of disgust with the administration, or the true goodie-goodie-gotta-help someone-ness of Democrats, is unknown at this time. I'll get back to you after further investigation. I'm not going to tell anyone how to vote, just get out there and do it. Speak your peace, give your opinion, make a difference, feel better about yourself for taking part... VOTE, dammit!

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